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WI Eviction Forms.com eForms
  • eForms is the light weight, easy to use eviction notices for Wisconsin, targeted to the small property managers.

  • Included are the following Wisconsin Eviction Forms:

    • 5-Day Notice
    • 5-Day Drug Notice
    • 14-Day Notice
    • 28-Day Notice

  • These forms are provided at no cost, with no warranty as to appropriateness for your given application. Remember that the internet is no substitute for an attorney when you need one.

  • If you wish to learn more about Wisconsin Landlord Tenant Law, we suggest joining the Apartment Association of Southeastern WI. The Association offers a number of seminars as well as informative monthly meetings where you can bring your questions and get free, general answers from some of the best landlord-tenant law attorneys in the state. .

  • These online eviction notices are provided by Tim Ballering of Affordable Rental Associates, LLC, Milwaukee and are based on the notices used on a daily basis by Affordable Rentals. (Now go back and read the first point)

  • If you need help evicting your tenant consider the $310 EasyEvict.com eviction. (Milwaukee County only)

  • Read the three top rental, landlord tenant related stories each day at Today's Rental News

  • Reduce your tenant problems through proper screening. Apartment Association members have access to discounted credit reports.

  • Report your nonpaying tenants to all three major credit bureaus through the Apartment Association's affiliated collection agency.