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What's with all the changes? I miss the ugly orange site.

I miss the old site too. Next thing you know my wife will ask me to get rid of our avocado shag carpet and harvest gold appliances. Not that the new site will win any design awards, but it is a tad bit easier on the eyes.

We began providing free notices back in the late nineties. The site and its predecessor have been the same since the mid 2000s. The last minor update was a two word change to a form in 2009. It just worked for the tens for thousands of notices generated. I pretty much forgot about it until a buddy asked if there was any chance we could make this iPhone friendly. Oh, and if we could email him a pdf of the notice he made on his phone while debating the benefits of paying rent with his tenant, that would be great too.

Obviously a lot of technology has changed in the past couple of decades. What wasn't reasonable or even possible ten years ago, is easy today.

What's new?

  • The ability to generate the court paperwork with a click or two.
  • Mobile friendly - iPhone, Android and pretty much anything else with a web browser. It's only been a decade since everyone started carrying a little computer in their pocket. We didn't want to rush into this. ;-)
  • Forms are now available as PDFs for better printing and more details
  • An easy way to view and reprint prior notices from the menu My Account-->My Forms
  • The ability to generate the affidavit of service automatically from the information on the notice.
  • You can now create multiple log ins with a single email. This allows owners with multiple LLCs to prefill different owner names. Simply use a different password for each account.

What's next?

Some pretty amazing stuff is in the works:

  • An option to send your notices via certified mail online. (of course there will be a fee for this)
  • The ability for high volume users to upload multiple tenant records at once
Eviction Prevention Resources.

Most of us are familiar with the Eviction Defense Project, where free attorneys try to find that uncrossed "t" to throw out an otherwise legitimate eviction. While that allows the tenant to live rent free for a bit longer, it does not help tenants in general as it increases costs and decreases services to all the tenants who do meet their obligations. Additionally once a tenancy gets to that point it is pretty much a relationship that is ruined.

No owner benefits when a tenancy ends in eviction. One important feature we will add to this site is an Eviction Prevention resource page.

This will offer a list by county of resources that tenants can access for financial and social help.

If you have contact information for any resource that might be helpful please email it to us, including the area they service.